Sri Jnanswarupananda Swami is a initiated spritual healer and a sannyas disciple of Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Based in Mumbai.
Swamiji blessed Sri Jnanaswarupananda Swami with a Swamiji's Golden Spear saying "Whoever you touch will be healed, and you can touch the picture of the person or by phone can do distance healing. Whoever you touch with this Spear will be healed".
Sri Jnanaswarupananda Swami shares, "the minute I touch someone with this spear and just bring Swamiji's face to mind, I can just feel the energy flow and i know the person is healed. I am very fortunate to receive this initiation from Swamiji and I am now available to anyone who is in need of any kind of healing. You can call / email / Facebook / whatzapp me.”
Swami Jhanaswarupa is a well-known spiritual counselor for all Health, Finance, and Relationship issues. Whatever problem people have in their life, it can be solved by finding their root pattern. Since Swamiji has Blessed Swami Jnanaswarupananda with special powers, he has been assisting people in turning their lives around.
Energy Aligning
Also Swami Jnanaswarupananda does energy aligning, be it home, industry, office, shop or land. Swami matches the energy of the person (The Siddhakasha) with the energy of the place (The Kattakasha) which results in the removal of the negative energy.
Counselor Contact: 
Phone: +91 7760980633


Dr.pranjal sathe kale.... MD Pediatrician (mumbai)

“I would like to share the break through which I got after my root pattern incident.Since I can remember, I have been a tantrum throwing child. I will be throwing tantrums, with no rhyme or reason on any random day. I used to feel very sad and angry at myself after that but never could control or understand my behaviour. When I met Swami, again I was going through same tantrum mood, a day after my husband had his root pattern resolved.

Swami very skillfully got me into a space of listening, took me back to my root pattern incidence of panic, my reaction to panic and how I started throwing the tantrum. The reliving was very painful and scary again but he made it easy by infusing energy into the frozen child.
I was shaken but there was so much of peaceful emptiness in my being, love and compassion towards myself (perhaps for the first time) and also others, overflowing gratitude towards Swamiji and Swami; the understanding about why I behave, the way I behave gave me so much of clarity about my own self. Now, whenever I go in tantrum throwing mode, I am aware. So the intensity and frequency of the whole episode has drastically reduced; not really affecting my being.

Getting my husband's root pattern resolved simultaneously was another break through. I realized experientially, how he has come in my life, giving me an opportunity to complete. Words are not enough to express gratitude, Swamiji, for introducing me to myself.
We have been connected to Sri Nithyananda Swamiji since May 2014 when my mom did her Inner Awakening in Varanasi, May 2014. Ever since then our lives have changed… for the good! The grace of our Master is such that he keeps on bestowing his grandness and constantly showers us with love and consistently leads us to grow. An example of Swamiji’s grace on us happened when he sent his sanyasi Swami Mahant Sri Nithya Jnanaswarupananda to Mumbai in September 2014 and we met him. We know Sri Janaswaroopa Swami since then. 
We had faced a tragedy in December of 2012. We have a textile manufacturing unit at Bhiwandi Nashik Highway where we have our power looms and finishing unit. On a Friday early morning, suddenly the entire factory just collapsed. The 1st floor just came down and the entire ground floor where the looms were placed got flattened. There was no specific reason for this to happen, it was very random. After this incident, we faced a lot of issues in our business, my father lost trust in the Divine and he completely stopped visiting the unit post. Instead he would operate from the head office.
We had shared this with Jnanaswarupa Swami and he insisted that he wanted to visitthe factory as soon as possible. The next morning we picked up Swami and headed to the factory. The moment he entered the place where our unit is located, he asked my father 3 to 4 times whether there was a temple in this area. My dad answered saying No. Swami took a tour of the factory and kept asking the same question. Co-incidentally the village Sarpanch, who is also our builder, confirmed that there had been a temple where our factory is located. In the process of development, the jungle and temple were removed and concrete jungle came up. Every single person present in the room was stunned as to how Swami had figured this out. Swami got to work changing the energy. He changed direction of puja mandir in the factory and placed Our beloved Master Nithyananda Swamiji's Guru Moorthi Picture and did Aarathi.
Since then we have seen measurable difference in the business. My dad now visits the factory twice a week unlike the previous years. The business is coming back on track. To our surprise when I called the staff at the factory the next day to hear their feedback, they simply said that "we don't understand all these things, but what difference we see is that the production simply shot up. It was unbelievable for us.
We have been so grateful to Swami and Swamiji for being there for us and being catalyst to our growth and prosperity.        
My mother Deepika Gambhir has been suffering from retinal detachment for year and a half. She went for Inner Awakening by Paramahamsa Nithyananda in May 2014 in Varanasi. She experienced tremendous healing and completion.
We are the source of everything that happens to us and around us. We develop patterns and based on these patterns we design our lives.When Jnanaswarupa Swami came to Mumbai, he conducted various root pattern and completion sessions for everyone. We were very keen on understanding the root pattern for my mom’s eye suffering (She went through 5 surgeries on the same eye). After conducting 3-4 root pattern sessions with Swami they figured out the exact root pattern from where it all started. She remembered incidents from her childhood where she used to fall in love with heroines/actresses who would play a role of characters for whom you feel sympathy.
She would dress up like them and be in the character. She specifically loved this story where the actress was blind. About 5-6 years back she had organized a bhajan sandya for blind children at Iskon. That is the time she came across the reality of life- how blind people are, how they look, how they behave. This is the time a drift came between what she had always imagined (pretty actress who was blind and gets so much sympathy) and the real blind people.
Once they found the root pattern, Swami instructed my mother to complete with it and share it with others so that the incident loses power on her. He would simultaneously heal her during the root pattern sessions and help her empty her baggage. This intense completion definitely helped her. Her eye is now stable. The vision is yet to come but we are totally hopeful.
Gratitude is all that we have towards our beloved master Paramahamsa Nithyananda.